Homeowner X Website

Introducing our new Website

I am Homeowner X, welcome to the introduction of our new website. Like every website, there are several ways to get to it. You can type the domain into the address bar of your browser and hit enter. That's the fastest way to get to any website.

You can also search the term homeowner x and select the search result. Here I am using Bing as an example, in a week or so you should be able to similar results in Google. On our social media you should see a link that takes you to the website.

Once on the website I want people to be aware of features they may find interesting or useful. But first, an explanation is in order.

This is a political/social website for purposes of imparting information that may be of interest to people living in the El Mirador subdivision of Santa Teresa, New Mexico, and to the public in general.

The home page contains links to various other pages. For example, at the top there are links to our sister websites. El Mirador Homeowners contains content regarding the El Mirador Homeowners Association and its corrupt Board of Directors. The Real White Trash of Santa Teresa is more generally about some of the people who live there, trashy people to be sure.

On the right is the traditional website navigation containing links to the interior pages of the website, as well as to our sister sites.

Scrolling down the page reveals content and you can select the heading, image or the Go to Video button to open the page to watch the video or for more information. At the bottom of the page are our social media links, Twitter, Youtube and Rumble. There is also an Email Us link where you can send us an email, such as information about Dana Properties.

We've tried to make it convenient for the user to communicate with us if they wish to do so. If you have information about the subjects of our videos or of Dana Properties and its employees, we would appreciate your sending it to us.

As users navigate the site using the various links the clean design makes it easy to open and view content. You can conveniently view videos and read page content without a lot of clutter and fuss.

There is a Share link for obtaining the direct video information, such as copying and pasting into a social media post to share with others.

There is also a Send link for emailing links to our website and video to people you know who may be interested, using a preformatted email. It is a convenient, simple and fast method for sharing our content without giving out your contacts.

That's pretty much it. We hope you will find our website to be entertaining, useful or both. Thank you for visiting.